Brown Princess Series: My Little Princess- A cute and creative mother-daughter photo series featuring a biracial girl dressed up as Disney Princesses.

Yea, so… Snow White comes in brown at our house. That’s cool too. This was actually the second princess Lil’ J posed as but I was so excited to show off Merida that I shared those photos first. Lil’ J watched Snow White for the first time just a few months ago. She’s not her… read the rest.

biracial siblings of an interracial family

Happy National Sibling Day! Aren’t siblings awesome? Yes! Last year I dedicated this day to talk about my cool siblings who don’t get as much time to shine in this space, but this year… Forget them, I’m talking about the siblings I gave birth two. My two kids. Yesterday I mentioned on My Facebook Page how… read the rest.

Planning a family fire escape

Lil J was so excited to come home and share what she learned during fire safety week at her preschool. She goes through an entire performance it’s so adorable. Lately I’ve been thinking what we’d do if there really was a fire in our home. As much as I pray that never happens, it’s smart… read the rest.

texas bluebonnets

Spring is here and to celebrate the flowers blooming, I’ve teamed up with other amazing bloggers to bring you a KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway. Winner will pick their choice of color. So what are ya gonna make with this if you win?  To enter to win follow directions in the rafflecopter form below and make sure to… read the rest.


My Dear Sweet Son, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written you a letter. Far too long if you ask me. I must admit part of that reason is because I think you won’t need or appreciate these as much as your sister might. Of course I know I could be absolutely wrong. You… read the rest.

biracial baby boy

She Says: I’ve been too busy with work to plan this party for this weekend. I’m just going to order a cake from the grocery store and call it a day. He says: That’s cool. She says: I wish they had regular trains and not just Thomas but whatever. He says: Yea, that’s fine, he… read the rest.

Brown Princess Series: My Little Princess- A cute and creative mother-daughter photo series featuring a biracial girl dressed up as Disney Princesses.

I was so excited Lil’ J wanted to take pictures in her Merida dress because 1. Merida rocks, and is probably (next to Mulan) the coolest Disney Princess ever. And 2. She princess shares an awesome hairstyle with Lil’ J. No extra prep-work needed, just take the braids down and let her play! I realized… read the rest.

Video tips for recording your child's favorite book. Make memories last

A few weeks ago my son could hardly sit still for a book. I wrote about it being National Read Aloud Month and realized I could be doing better myself. That night I started pulling books from his shelves and reading a few to him each evening. At first he could sit for one, then… read the rest.

Superhero Girl

My daughter has always been extremely generous. She’ll share her last bite of her favorite snack (unless it’s with her brother), and offer to help me when she’s in the middle of something she loves. She has a HUGE heart. So it was no surprised when she said that one of her super talents (along… read the rest.

Biracial hair straightening fail

So this happened. After months and months of Lil’ J asking to have her hair straight I finally gave in and gave it a go… Sorta. We were on vacation (I won’t say where) and we had a free day from all the fun. We were just hanging out around the resort and Lil’ J… read the rest.


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Do you have a fire escape plan? We made an interactive one to talk about with the kiddos... Or at least Lil' J til this one gets older. Also sharing tips for keeping your photos and videos safe in case of a fire. Link in bio.
Oh Texas bluebonnet pictures... You can't NOT take them. Our beautiful state flower is only in bloom for about a month or two at the beginning of spring. Right now it's nearly impossible to get a decent shot of my two babies together. The harder I try the worse it gets. And where pictures are normally an enjoyable activity for all of us, I find myself stressing over these because the flowers have us on a deadline. As I scrolled through all of my photos from yesterday (200+) there were few I was proud of. However, I realized there is so much beauty in the hilarious outtakes that will surely bring me smiles of the memory for years to come. Tomorrow I'll be sharing more of those imperfect moments on the blog. #bluebonnets
A selfie with my most patient subject after a self-inflicted bluebonnet sesh. Pretty sure my husband is never agreeing to this again. ???? #bluebonnets #makingmemories
Neighborhood play. My dream come true. Hoping this is just the beginning of a long-time friendship. #latergram #culdesacfriends
Many many twists tonight. I want to give beads a try once I'm sure her brother won't try to choke them down. #twistout #DailyCurly #teamcurly
Getting a ticket to ride this train wasn't easy today. But thankfully, they didn't mind the wait.
Her egg was happy to see us.
It was a shirtless kind of Easter.
Just call me mama engineer. #TrainMom #birthdaygift

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