As I unpacked our Christmas decorations, and hung our old treasures on our tree, I noticed a framed ornament holding a picture of Lil’ J’s first ultrasound. It’s one of my favorites. And although that was five years ago, I can’t bare to change out the photo, because it reminds me of the excitement I felt… read the rest.


The other day when we arrived at my daughter’s dance class I told her we were early. “Early?” She said with a confused voice “What does that mean?” I laughed at the realization that she may have never heard this word come out of my mouth in her lifetime… Or at least not often since… read the rest.

Showing a white dad with a biracial son is totally normal too.

Occasionally… VERY occasionally these days, I’ll get a hateful comment on my blog. Even less often someone will say something rude on Instagram, Twitter, or some other form of social media. After watching Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment, I thought I could do my own “Blogger Reads Mean Comments” video, but I really… read the rest.


I started writing this post earlier today and it was pretty straight-forward and happy-go-lucky about Christmas shopping for my kiddos, but as I sat down to finish writing it now I’m full of stress and anxiety because of what happened last night. Forgive me while I try to string both stream of consciousnesses together. I… read the rest.


It seems that no matter what is going on in the world, I can look at my children and get lost in their innocence. Oh how I wish they could stay like this forever. I love the spirit of Christmas, the enchanting lights, our family traditions, warm coco, and more lessons on Christ. We’re only a… read the rest.


You know how when you’re looking so closely at something, you can get so absorbed in it and forget about the rest of the room? Sometimes you can be standing so close to a situation that you can’t remember what the big picture looks like. I’ve had to take a step back and breathe for a moment as… read the rest.

toddler on the move

The other day I loaded up on a pack of AA batteries yet again. Then spent the next half hour changing the old ones out all of my son’s automated toys. When he woke up from his nap and noticed all of this friends were brought back to life singing and dancing again, he was… read the rest.

Black friday lines

I don’t shop for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It’s a fun way to shift my mindset from Turkey to Christmas Trees. I’ll never forget the Friday after Thanksgiving several years ago when I woke up well before the butt crack of dawn to go Black Friday shopping with my mom and grandmother. We scoped out… read the rest.

Fun family games: Sometimes aunts can feel more like sisters.

If you’re from Utah or have ever lived in Utah you may be familiar with a popular bad joke: “What’s the difference between a University of Utah bride and a Brigham Young University bride?” –At the U of U wedding the bride is pregnant, and at the BYU wedding the bride’s mom is pregnant. *ba… read the rest.

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

The most common question I’m asked isn’t about breaking into my broadcast career, how I met my hot husband, or even “how are you today?” it’s “how do you do your daughter’s hair?” Ok, one of those questions may be a little more popular, but not when it comes to my blog. Biracial and mixed… read the rest.

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