little ballerina

She Says: Don’t forget, she has dance tonight. It’s ballet/tap/jazz. He Says: I thought she wasn’t doing dance anymore. She Says: No, she’s still dancing, she also has hip hop on Thursday but– He Says: Thursday too? That’s WAY too much!! She Says: Yes, but I told her she may have to pick just one… read the rest.

Tips for surviving the first week of school

We’ve made it! We survived our first week of Kindergarten… Or at least the hardest part for me—Waking up. You know me, I went a bit overboard documenting the occasion with pictures and video. Maybe it’ll give you a few ideas if your little one is starting school soon. Here are some things I’ve learned… read the rest.

medicine safety tips for kids - biracial hair

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I breastfed them each for a year and a half, or just sheer luck, but in the short few years my children have been alive, they rarely get sick. We’d battled a 24 hour stomach bug and an ear infection or two, but nothing severe or consistent. So… read the rest.

I See Me My Very Own Trucks Book

There are a couple of things my son absolutely adores: Trains and letters. Trains. Not a big surprise right? I’ve mentioned this a few times. My mom lives near train tracks and when we’d go over to her house he’d look out the window and watch the train go by over and over and cheer… read the rest.


Saturday August 15th: Back-to-school shopping Ok, so that wasn’t as glamorous as I imagined. I thought she’d be thrilled to pick out her school supplies. Sure, she thought it was kind of fun, but she wasn’t really interested in what her folders looked like. And the one she really liked was college ruled, not wide ruled. It… read the rest.

interracial family he says she says

We don’t argue about who is going to take out the trash. The night before trash day my husband sets the trash and recycling bins outside. He’s awesome and does this for us every week. Every week we also have tons of recycling overflowing from the tiny bin our city gives us, so we fill cardboard… read the rest.

back to school

I’m not gonna do it. I’m not going to stop and think about how I started this blog what feels like yesterday, before my daughter was even a dream. I’m not going to dwell on the fact that she’s growing up so freaking fast and though I’m searching, frantically for a pause button, she’s still… read the rest.

Three generations at Disney World

A few people have stopped me after reading my posts about our trips to Disney Parks this year and asked me when the best time to go is. Not as in best time of year, but the best age to visit Disney World, or Disneyland (here’s a recap of my Walt Disney World & Disneyland comparison). So… read the rest.


It’s normal for things to be pretty crazy for me at this time of year. As the former education and now parenting reporter at my station I’m tasked with doing the back-to-school series. But to top it off this year I’m also sending a child to school for the first time this year, which as… read the rest.


Sorry, got sucked back into Harry Potter for a minute (just finished book 4 and all I can say is whoa). Plus, things are ramping up for Kinder. Is anyone else freaking out or is it just me? Wanted to post a quick (almost) Wordless Wednesday post and share a couple more photos from our Utah trip…. read the rest.

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Hand in hand. Just how I like 'em. #latergram #siblings
Enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation--Or as it's been up until now, every month with my girl before she embarks on elementary school. The fear is fading and it's being replaced with excitement. I'm so excited for what her future holds. And I know she'll rock it... And look cute thanks to talented designers like @maemillercrowns and @heidiofadelaidesbtq ?.
I don’t discourage her sense of imagination. I love how excited she gets dreaming about real princesses, magical powers, and flying horses. Some day–Probably very soon, she’ll grow out of it. Princesses will no longer be as exciting as they once were. Dress-up will be something for “babies” and magic will just be pretend.

Our latest princess photo shoot is up on the blog! We went to @disneyland for these!! Link in bio. #dressupwithj
Here's a quick tip on how I get my daughter's curls to stay bouncy and frizz-free: TONS of conditioner, an oil-based sealant and natural styling cream. I let it dry in 1-4 braids then take it down to bounce and shine! Check out @DollarGeneral for more beauty tips and savings. #DGBeauty #ad #DGEverydayBeauty ?
I can't believe this girl starts kindergarten in less than a month. I'm sorta freaking out but have high hopes. New post. Link in bio. Double tap for her dress and bow info.
My little hunk ?. Sharing his poolside snacks on #tampicoiscolor.
Have had such a magical week with my daughter. Loving this special one-on-one time we are getting. Looking forward to doing the same with my son in the future. #disneyland60 #makingmagicalmemories.
We made it to Cars Land! #carsland #dca #disneyland
For her birthday she got a letter from Aurora inviting us to come and take pictures of Lil' J dressed as Aurora at her castle at Disneyland. The first thing Lil' J said was I get to see Cars! We looked at Cars costumes and outfits but couldn't find any that fit her style (or anything for girls). We worked together to sew this Lightning McQueen dress and she's so in love. She put it on then called herself the Cars Princess. Needless to say we will be taking many pictures at Cars Land too. #girlslovecarstoo #disneyland #pixarcars #sewingforkids #disneycountdown

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