Earlier this week I was texting with a friend, and we were chatting about an activity her son is doing at the school this week. His class is putting on a cultural fashion show and they’re all asked to dress in clothes that represent their culture. “Tim’s 5th great-grandmother was full Comanche Indian, so he’s… read the rest.


Have you ever tried to try on clothes while you shop with your kids? It’s pretty hilarious right? It usually plays out something like this: I miraculously manage to stave off meltdowns while I grab a selection of things I’d like to try on. The dressing room attendant watches as I wheel up with my… read the rest.

I taught my great-grandpa how to Skype

The night before last I was texting with a friend, and we were talking about our families. She mentioned her great-parents who died several years ago, and how she wishes she had spent more time talking to them. I immediately called my 95-year-old great-grandfather to see what he was up to. I worried I’d be… read the rest.

Tips for Planning

From time to time I’ll get an email asking me questions about my kids’ birthday parties. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. I’m not the best at party planning, but I find myself very handy when it comes to delegating duties and hijacking other people’s parties and making them my own. According to… read the rest.


My husband and I shared our first Christmas together two days after we got married, exactly six months and two days from the day we met. Yes, we got married two days before Christmas in 2004. Since then we’ve had many other “First” Christmases. Our first Christmas with our dog Snoop, first Christmas together as… read the rest.


About a week ago my husband rushed inside from unloading groceries and declared he had just seen a skunk. I ran back out with him to catch a glimpse. He pointed toward the home next door that’s still under contruction. “It was right over there!” He said. “At first I thought it was a dog,… read the rest.


I can’t tell you how many offers I get in my inbox asking me to write about, or represent a product or brand. I’m not saying this to brag, but to try to paint a little bit of a picture of how things are on my end when it sometimes seems like I’m writing sponsored… read the rest.

Reading with kids digitally and with paper books. A list of favorite books read in 2014.

Last year I got a new tablet for Christmas, downloaded a library app and have been checking out all sorts of books. I started the New Year reading the Divergent series. Here are a few of my favorites from this year and a little one-liner of my thoughts. Fiction Typically my favorite genre. I feel like… read the rest.

daddy daughter moments

Few things have been as difficult as convincing my husband to have a baby, and then another. Having kids is a big deal and scary, I get it. Some people just need a little extra love, encouragement (and a little coaxing) to take the plunge. I wouldn’t ever dream of convincing him for a third…. read the rest.

5 Child Development Lessons: Things I wish I had known when I first became a mom.

It feels like just yesterday I was here on my blog asking advice about when to have a baby—Wondering if I should wait a few more years or just dive in. I can’t believe six years of blogging has gone by. Now I’m asking advice about things like homeschooling and Disney trips, and I’m able… read the rest.

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I didn't know what I had captured until I uploaded them on my computer. This is my new favorite picture of my kids together. And sums up today's post pretty well. Kids learn by playing. + 4 more development lessons I've learned the hard way. Check it out #ontheblog. Link in bio. PS: there's a super cute #giveaway just for commenting. Good luck! #FPInsiders

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