Holiday newlyweds interracial couple

I don’t readily admit this, but I believe in my 11 years of marriage I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner once. MAYBE twice. Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple I somehow remember vividly. We were poor. We had upgraded from our cardboard box table to a real table thanks to my husband’s grandparents giving us one…. read the rest.

The Good Dinosaur 5-year-old review

If you’re thinking of taking your family to see The Good Dinosaur over Thanksgiving weekend there are a few things you should be aware of first. Lil’ J and I had the chance to screen it Monday night before it’s officially in theaters everywhere on the 25th. Here’s more info on advanced movie screenings in case… read the rest.

Cute biracial siblings- Whimsical photos with Santa Claus- behind the scenes

Which would you rather do with a thousand dollars? Plan a trip someplace you’ve never been, or buy new things for your home or family? Fun experiences or fun things? It’s really a matter of personal preference. Years ago, hands down I would have gone with a shopping spree over any kind of vacation. Perhaps I’m… read the rest.

Disney Cruise Ship

If I’m being totally honest right now, I’m checked out. Mentally I’m off in la la land, planning our family Thanksgiving and Christmas, ready to get away and play with the kids and have our first-ever family vacation with just the four of us. I wish I could take the rest of the year off… read the rest.


Have you seen that movie Outbreak?–Where the monkey gives a guy a disease and everyone starts dying? You know that scene where they’re in the movie theater and the guy is having a coughing fit and all of his spit particles are flying through the theater and into the mouths of the laughing spectators? Gross… read the rest.


It’s fairly quiet. Well–No one is screaming or crying in frustration. That’s a win in my book. I hear giggling in the other room. Completing the task I’m working on is temping, but the lure of my children’s’ happiness pulls me in like a siren’s song. I walk to the room they’re in and peek… read the rest.


I’ve been lamenting about potty training for months. Maybe not all here on my blog, but definitely to anyone within proximity who will listen. Friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers at the grocery store. It’s not that I’ve been actively attempting and failing at the process with my son–Just the fact that I’m still changing diapers and… read the rest.

Shopping with kids: Sears makes it convenient.

She says: Where’s the Pirate Booty? I thought it would be right by the Cheetos? He says: I don’t know. She says: Ok, can you ask that guy right behind you if he knows? He says: No. She says: But he works here! He says: Maybe they’re over here… They say men don’t like to… read the rest.

Mother daughter Mormon discussion about compassion

My daughter came to me dressed from head to toe. Two hair bows in her hair, necklaces draped around her neck, a flowery dress and pink Mary Jane’s on her feet. “Don’t I look beautiful?” She asked me. “Absolutely!” I beamed. “One more thing!” She said as she skipped away. She came back carrying a… read the rest.


Currently: Rivaling my son’s obsession with trains. We were gifted some tubs of trains from friends who are moving past this stage and I’ve been sorting through them, finding which pieces go with which sets. I’ve helped him map out elaborate plans across the playroom with his wooden tracks. I’m bookmarking train accessories on Amazon… read the rest.

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My two little loves. She is a huge cuddler. He is not (with her). It's rare I catch a reluctant embrace. #siblinglove
I've given up on trying to get this kid to sit still for photos. But I love capturing his spirit and energy the way it is. Sharing tips for photographing active kids #ontheblog. Plus more photos of our kite adventure on @tampicoofficial's #tampicoiscolor blog! Link in bio.
Thought I brought my phone for music, glad I had it to snap this. Capture those family traditions no matter how small. Love this little family of mine. We may be small but we are mighty, and I feel so blessed to these three in my life. #familiesareforever #familywalk #lovetheview #makingmemories #familyhistorian
My little blessing. I love watching her do what she loves. I'm sure her interests will evolve over the years. But I love this phase. New post #ontheblog. Link in bio.
Little brother's turn to take a stab at school. Goodness, I adore them. #firstdayofschool #siblinglove
First week of school was a success! Lil' J loves kindergarten and can't wait to go back Monday. Meanwhile I'm excited to sleep in this weekend. I documented the highlights in photos and video and just shared the best bits #ontheblog. Link in bio. #backtoschool
Good sisters help you get a drink. The best sisters give you more than you asked for. #makingmemories
She invited her brother for tea. I had to document. #makingmemories
So ready to be done with diapers but dreading that which is known as potty training. Sharing what I learned with #1 and taking tips for #2 on the blog. Direct link in bio.

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