Like clockwork Mother’s Day appears on the month’s calendar, my hubs asks what I’d like and I have no ideas for him. It isn’t until a month or so later that I’m like “oh yea, how about a…” And I throw out something I realize I’d like. I mean really, you never really can go… read the rest.

If you need help choosing a new car hopefully these four tips can get you going.

If I wasn’t a legit mom before I totally am now. I’m the proud owner of my first “mom mobile”. Last year, my husband and I decided we’d be getting a new car in 2016. We wanted something bigger but not too big–Probably a crossover. We definitely didn’t want a mini van. Nothing against minivan… read the rest.


Now that it’s nice outside in the evenings and staying light longer, the kids and I will go outside to play and/or take photos before bedtime. One afternoon last week we were cloud watching and having a picnic in our backyard. Big T has pretty good balance so I put him on my feet and… read the rest.


It’s been one of those months where we’ve had a few rude awakenings: From a wakeful kid to a bad dentist appointment to an extremely picky toddler… We had some work to do. It’s not easy admitting we’re not the parents we thought we’d be. But talking about ways we could do better was good…. read the rest.

my selfie

It all started with a fortune cookie. About 2 and a half years ago I was in the middle of an internal debate about what to do: Give up a career I’d been dreaming of my entire life, or keep it going but possibly have a hard time balancing the career I wanted and the… read the rest.


At the beginning of the school year all of the kids in my daughter’s kindergarten class were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. While some of her friends said athletes, doctors, and teachers, my daughter came home and exclaimed she wanted to be a “mermaid ballerina princess!” I did my best… read the rest.

Biracial kids siblings love

It’s getting less bitter and more sweet seeing where this next stage of my family life is heading. I’m past debating more babies, past pregnancy, and ready to help make these babies into good people who will do big things with their lives. I’m not trying to rush them, but as my kids get older… read the rest.

Debating a boy haircut

My husband and I have had a few… Discussions about our son’s hair. I agreed that this summer my husband could take him to get another cut. Meanwhile, almost every day my husband would sigh and whine about it being too long. In a moment of weakness I agreed to let my husband take our… read the rest.


3 bags and 7 boxes full.–That’s how many clothes I emptied from my kids’ rooms. I sorted a few to sell, made $60, set aside a box of some of my favorites from Lil’ J’s fashionable toddler days for my niece, and hauled the rest out to my front porch for a group looking for… read the rest.


My 5-year-old and I carried on our tradition in screening the new Disney flick earlier this week, this time watching The Jungle Book. We got dressed in our best animal print and went in ready for anything. I’m just going to come out and say it: This movie was the most kid-friendly movie we’ve seen from Disney… read the rest.

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