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There are so many nights I look back and wonder what in the world I did that day that the kids enjoyed or may remember some day. You’d think every day I’d have a special moment that would stick out, but that’s not always the case. Some days I am just grateful we all made… read the rest.

Disney World debate: He says/ She says

I’m speaking in Disney movie quotes and song since getting back three weeks ago. And my poor husband hasn’t gone one day without me talking to him about my obsession. He is a fan of Disney but I don’t think he’d call himself a Disney fan. But I can tell that’s changing. He has dance… read the rest.

Tips for ending the urge to text while driving.

I generally don’t like to publicly admit to things I do that I shouldn’t do. I mean, you know I’m not perfect, but I try not to let you in on exactly how imperfect I am. But today, I’m going to make a confession. Not a silly one, but something serious that I’m committing to… read the rest.

Tips for meeting ALL of the Disney princesses at Disney World. Where to find them and when, plus questions you can ask them for more interactive fun, photos and magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Still on my Disney high. Bear with me. I’m officially in love, and documenting our family’s magical obsession is going to be a new addition to this blog in a section I’m calling “Making Magical Memories.” I’ll probably throw in other non-Disney adventures from time to time but for now, I’m continuing with the Disney World… read the rest.

Breastfeeding moms come in all shapes and sizes. One mom's story of her breastfeeding story shared on World Breastfeeding Week.

Something people don’t tell you when you become a mother is that no matter what you do, someone is going to disagree with you. When I was pregnant and debating breastfeeding, advocates told me there was nothing to debate. It’s the only way. Then when I successfully breastfeed two of my children, others accused me… read the rest.

Help your kids find their superpower, then encourage them to share it with the world.

When I was in the 7th grade I auditioned for the dance team. It was my first real tryouts and I was so anxious and excited to be a courtside dancer in the 8th grade. Before then, as far as sports went, I had only participated in recreation league cheerleading. I practiced all week, got… read the rest.

family mickey pic

1. You never really know how your child will react to the surprise. I’m not sure what I had expected. Maybe for her to run around screaming with excitement. I thought there would be a little bit of disbelief but she really didn’t believe us for a few minutes. Then once she did she asked… read the rest.


I have SO much to write about Disney World. Since we got back I’ve been in a frenzy sorting through photos, ordering prints and making photo books. I’m so proud of myself for actually being on top of it for once. I knew if I didn’t get to printing off the pictures immediately I’d never… read the rest.

How to plan a Disney surprise: Tips to surprising your kids with a Disney vacation.

I mentioned a while back how we’re planning a surprise trip to Disney World for our kids. Well… I did tell Big T, but he promised not to tell his sister. I said I’d update you all on my planning process and explain how it went down. There are a gazillion planning blogs out there,… read the rest.


The giveaway below is sponsored by ClearBlue in partnership with BabyCenter. It’s funny how things change from your first child to the second, or last. After about five years of marriage, we decided we were ready to try to have a baby (that story in case you missed it). I hoped it would happen right away…. read the rest.

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Trying to reach 10k before bed. Dancing around the house practicing for my hip hop class at @danceunlimitedbuda. @bizcostigan would be so proud. And omg I had no idea @willdabeast__ was FINE! I could watch his tutorials all day ????. #donttellmyhusband #fitbit
Wash day. Lots of detangling, today but a but no tears. #SnowWhite was her movie of choice through the process. She was the first [Disney] princess she says. Love that she loves the classics. #dailycurly #disneyside
Working on a story about Hannah. I met her @PetStudioArt this week. She's has an amazing voice and she's looking for her #foreverfamily. Tune in to Time Warner Cable News to learn more about her this Sunday! #adoption #fostercare
I woke up to a princess fashion show this morning. This was only the first half ????. #dailycurly #disneyside #MBBFresh
My sweeties were featured! ?? tag #MBBFresh for a chance to show off your sweet babies! @mybrownbaby_fresh with @repostapp.?????Adorable in stereo! Thank you, @jenniferborget, for sharing your lovelies!
Battle of the photo books. #Walgreens prints vs #Snapfish photo book. Ask me which cost more... Then ask me if I cared. #MakingMemoriesLast #DisneySMMoms #DisneySide
I took this photo with tears in my eyes. My son's first haircut. It was sad to see his sweet long curls go but I'm finally able to look at this photo and his new and smile at his new look. And now we will always remember how it went down at the Harmony Barber Shop @WaltDisneyWorld. #DisneySMMoms #DisneySide #MakingMagicalMemories #DisneyMomsofColor
I used to want two girls so I could dress them alike, but coordinating is fun too. #siblinglove #MBBFresh #latergram #dailycurly
Disney animated features numbers 71 and 72 for my collection. Yes, I even buy the ones I don't love, but I LOVE #bighero6. #DisneySide #DisneySMMoms #makingmagicalmemories

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