Out of nowhere a week or two ago I noticed my son walking around with one of Lil’ J’s stuffed animals. An ugly orange cat she got as a part of her birthday party package a couple of years ago. She has hoards of stuffed animals on her bed, so she wasn’t missing one less…. read the rest.

Fun ideas to introduce our children to different ways to say thank you.

Growing up my parents drilled in us that we were to be respectful of adults and have good manners. We called adults Mr./Ms Last Name, answered yes ma’am/ sir, and always said please and thank you. I have found we haven’t been as strict with our kids so far, and there are some things we… read the rest.

10 babyshower keepsakes: Make beautiful memories with these fun baby shower ideas for guests and the mom-to-be.

How many baby showers have you been to? One? A handful? More than you can count? My own baby shower with Lil’ J was one of the first ones I had been to. I’ve helped plan a few and many to many more since then, and today I wanted to share some special keepsake ideas… read the rest.

Christmas Cleanup: Biracial brother and sister love

I know the neighbors were driving by our house and shaking their heads at our icicle lights still dangling mid-January. But it was so hard finding the time to take them down. First, we had to borrow a ginormous ladder, then we had to wait for a warm day that we were both off from… read the rest.

A simple way (1)

“What’s Milk Day?” My mom recounted my 9-year-old sister asking that question earlier in the day. “What?” My mom asked her. “We don’t have school on Monday because of Milk Day, what’s that?” It then clicked with my mom that she was asking about MLK Day. I laughed hearing my sister’s question to her, then… read the rest.

biracial siblings

I am so happy having two kids. The perfect pair of my dreams (seriously). I don’t want to have to get a huge car, or give up the spare room, or the amount of time I get to spend with each of my kids individually. I like to dream about future family vacations around the… read the rest.

2014 Wrap-Up Love Letter pic

I was going through a bunch of videos that I took with the kids last year. I was starting to file some away as archives and back them up when I realized a couple of things. 1. My kids grew SO much in the last year. It was crazy seeing videos from early last year…. read the rest.


Happy New Year!


Did it take long enough for me to say that or what? Sheesh! December was all about the holidays and my family, celebrating my anniversary and Christmas with our little ones. Oh, and I skipped Christmas cards and sent New Years cards. It’s totally going to be my new thing. Who wants one more thing… read the rest.


I know if I was a good blogger I would have posted this days ago. But starting on our anniversary getaway, I finally took time time off from all work, which even included a little break from my precious blog. My husband did the same and we had more fun than I can even describe. I… read the rest.


10 years


As I lie in bed thinking about how fun it has been to get away for a few days just to celebrate us I wonder how the next 10 years of marriage will go. Are the first 10 years the hardest? I ask myself. If so, we’ve got this in the bag. Just then my… read the rest.

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Rainy day outside and gloomy inside. Today was a hard day. We each cried at some point. And I felt like a terrible mom. But we survived. Here's hoping tomorrow is much brighter. Oh... And I did no ones hair. #dailycurly #day22
We had WAY too much fun taking down Christmas decorations. More cuteness where these came from on my new #TampicoIsColor blog! #ABeautifulMess #naturalhairkids
A few days ago I posted a pic of my twists. This is what it's like after they're taken out, shaken up and rained on ????. This is my attempt at a #kinkychicks selfie, cause those ladies are da bomb. I need some practice. #loveyourcurls #dailycurly #day21
Best friends especially after dinner. #dailycurly #puppylove #day20
This is the skirt she asked me to sew her today. Originally it was going to be for Valentines Day but we talked about how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used words of love to spread a message of peace and equality. We then decided this skirt would be perfect for today. Of course she was happy to model it for me. More #ontheblog. #MLKDay #naturalhairkids
We started a new tradition this year celebrating #MLKDay with Peace Pie Sweet right? More #ontheblog link in profile.
Shrinkage. It's for real. I haven't straightened my hair in over a year. The length of my hair straight is double the length with twists. I've been wearing my hair curly to walk the walk and show my daughter she doesn't have to change herself. #twostrandtwists #naturalhair #dailycurly #day18
The ice cream man gets business all year in Texas. #dailycurly #day17
Nothin like a fresh set of curls to mess up tomorrow. He HATES when I do his hair. How do your kiddos feel about it? #dailycurly #day16

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