Help your kids find their superpower, then encourage them to share it with the world.

My daughter has always been extremely generous. She’ll share her last bite of her favorite snack (unless it’s with her brother), and offer to help me when she’s in the middle of something she loves. She has a HUGE heart. So it was no surprised when she said that one of her super talents (along… read the rest.

Biracial hair straightening fail

So this happened. After months and months of Lil’ J asking to have her hair straight I finally gave in and gave it a go… Sorta. We were on vacation (I won’t say where) and we had a free day from all the fun. We were just hanging out around the resort and Lil’ J… read the rest.

mickey necklace

If you’re a Disney fan and heavily involved in social media… Particularly Twitter, then you know that this #DisneySMMC is all about. I mean, it’s trending #1 in the USA. If you’re neither, or just one of the above, you may not have a clue. So let me take a moment to fill you in…. read the rest.

My Little Princess: A cute and creative mother-daughter photo series featuring a biracial girl dressed up as Disney Princesses.

Lil’ J and I have taken to dress-up and make-believe time to collaborate on a new project. I didn’t realize it, but she’s managed to collect nearly all of the Disney princess dresses over the last few years of her life. Some she’ll soon outgrow and we’ll have to decide if we buy anew, or… read the rest.

A beautiful and colorful lifestyle blog featuring an interracial family with stunning biracial children. Inspiring parents to document life's little moments  and make beautiful memories with their beautiful babies.

A couple weeks ago we had a “snow day” and school was canceled here the right before expected freezing temperatures would be rolling in. I think it ended up being in the 50s the next day. Anyway, we made the most of it. It’s rare I capture a cute picture with the both of them… read the rest.

The best compliment every mom needs. Words every mother should make time to share with another.

Have you ever had someone say something to you that made your day? Maybe it was a compliment about your style, how you made them feel, or a job well done? What’s the nicest thing someone has ever said to you? It used to be that compliments about my work made me feel best. When… read the rest.


I am a huge planner. I enjoy it. But nothing has been as fun to plan as our trip to Disney World. I literally planned more for this last trip than I planned for my entire wedding. Granted, it’s not saying much cause we had a super small uncomplicated wedding, but still. I was probably… read the rest.


I don’t get out much, and when I do, going to see a movie is not usually my first choice of things to do. Unless it’s of a particular genre. Specifically animated Disney movies. The last movie I saw in theaters was Big Hero 6 and this year that meant I was planning to see… read the rest.

When natural hair goes wrong: Sometimes strange things get caught in your hair. Nothing tops this.

Natural hair is all the craze right now. #TeamCurly #TeamNatural and #CurlyHair are draped across all the beautiful curly-haired selfies these days. But one hashtag we don’t see nearly enough is one I tend to give the most credit: #NaturalHairProblems. The tangles, the snags, and the headaches… I’m all about embracing my locks and teaching my… read the rest.

Biracial boy interracial family

I dreaded my son’s first hair cut for so long. I hated it at first. I missed his adorable precious baby curls. I happen to think he looks great with long hair. It suits him if you ask me. But as you’ll see, he looks pretty darn cute with a shorter fro too. But it… read the rest.


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It's my 4-year-old daughter's first time watching Dumbo. She just looked at me and said Mom, this is creeping me out! You and me both kid. #Dumbo #PinkElephants #gonnahavenightmares
She isn't a fan of the color green. We've had this shirt for over a month and we finally took the tags off after I convinced her St. Patrick's Day was worth wearing green for. #stpatricksday #DailyCurly
Finally up today on the blog. Link in bio ??#DisneyWorld
My beautiful brown Snow White ????. She got me sucked into her dress up antics this afternoon while her brother napped. I feel a photo series coming on. #LittlePrincess #SnowWhite
She was Cinderella this morning. #littleprincess #DailyCurly #Cinderella
Make the best of today. You'll never get it back. Was so happy to capture this sweet moment between kiddos today. I love how much they love each other. #mbbfresh #DailyCurly #siblinglove
Me and Baloo then and now. He didn't stop to take a photo with me this time. Haha. #tbt #photobomb
In case you didn't believe me... The story behind the bird caught in my hair and video proof is #ontheblog today. Link in bio. #naturalhairproblems #teamnatural. #kinkychicks
Would you believe me if I told you a bird got stuck in my hair today? Yea, it wasn't pretty. #naturalhairproblems #DailyCurly #thestruggleisreal #reporterproblems

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