5 Child Development Lessons: Things I wish I had known when I first became a mom.

It feels like just yesterday I was here on my blog asking advice about when to have a baby—Wondering if I should wait a few more years or just dive in. I can’t believe six years of blogging has gone by. Now I’m asking advice about things like homeschooling and Disney trips, and I’m able… read the rest.


There’s something about my son’s shaggy fro that always brings a smile to my face. Several months ago it struck me that he reminds me of a tiny cave man. His grunts, destructive nature, and, you guessed it… His wild head of curls all reminded me of Bam Bam from the Flintstones. Sure, the little… read the rest.


According to my daughter I’m a baby crazy mommy who got married to have babies (I don’t know what it is with her and babies lately). If you know me you know I ask a ton of questions (and I wonder where my daughter gets it from). I’m a reporter, but I’ve been a question-asker… read the rest.

reading on potty

When it comes to raising little boys, I’m learning as I go. I guess I could say the same about raising a little girl, but being a girl myself (and having three younger sisters) I feel like I have a lot more experience in that department. When it came time to potty-train Lil’ J it… read the rest.

Surprising your child with a trip to Disney World

We’re eagerly planning (ok well, I’m doing most of the planning, but we’re both excited about) a trip to Disney World in February. It’ll be Lil’ J’s (and of course Big T’s) first time there, and my first time in about 20 years. Ever since we locked in the dates of our trip I’ve been… read the rest.

A Mother-Daughter discussion about beauty

She says: Mom, why are you wearing makeup? She says: Because I’m getting ready for work. She says: Oh, does it make you feel pretty? She says: Sometimes… But makeup isn’t what makes us beautiful is it? She says: Nooooo! She says: That’s right. What do you think makes someone beautiful? She says: Pretty dresses. She says: You… read the rest.

Choosing one kid over the other. Parents won't admit it, but we all do it from time to time.

Many years ago I often wondered if parents were just being nice when they said they couldn’t choose a favorite child, or when said they loved them each for different reasons. Yea yea, you’re just trying to be politically correct, I’d think. But really, tell me who you like best, I promise I won’t tell anyone…. read the rest.

How a small gift can have a big meaning to a child.

Whenever I go out of town I promise my daughter I’ll bring her something back. It’s a sort of consolation for me leaving her for a couple of days. She can’t stand when I’m away, and now I even catch her “writing letters” and saying prayers demanding that I take her with me whenever I… read the rest.


Coming soon…

Tips for washing biracial hair

First off, if you’re reading in an email or reader, pop on over to my blog and check out my new digs. I decided a redesign was in order and hired Sarah to help me spruce up the place once again. I’m also loving my new slogan if I say so myself. I’ve added new… read the rest.

Taking my 4-year-old to her first musical. What to expect and how to prepare.

“Are those real people on stage?” My daughter asked me as she watched Belle sing her opening song at Bass Concert Hall. She had no idea what she was in for when I told her we were going to watch one of her favorite princesses perform in a musical. A couple of weeks ago my… read the rest.

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