His curls, his lashes. Gorgeous boy. BabyGAP toddler boy

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6 Responses to “Get BabyGAP on the phone: I’ve got someone they need to meet”

  1. Yes honey! He is beyond adorable!
    Baby Shopaholic recently posted..Mommy + Me in Calypso St. BarthMy Profile

  2. Alice Anne says:

    You’re right – he’s GORGEOUS!
    Alice Anne recently posted..IUI or IVF?My Profile

  3. Sharon says:

    Okay, it’s official. You and your husband make incredibly beautiful children. Both should be in either Baby Gap or Gap for Kids (whatever it’s called). Wow!!

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  5. Deborah says:

    You take really amazing photographs…care to share what camera(s) you use?

  6. kosakowski says:

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