One of my most humiliating moments was in middle school. I imagine middle school holds nightmares for most people. We’re awkward, unsure of ourselves, and mean. So mean. I don’t like to think of myself as one of the mean ones, but I had my moments.

One of my lowest was when I got caught passing a note back and forth between a friend. The note contained rude remarks about our substitute teacher. Remarks she was now reading silently to herself and heartbroken over.

I felt terrible. Partly for getting caught but mainly for the things I had written making fun of her. Looking back I can’t believe I’d ever do something like that. But I was young, and pretty selfish and, well… A middle schooler.

Maybe I deserved the hurtful things other kids said about me. Maybe it was karma.


In the middle of one of my classes I was called out to immediately head to the counselor’s office. I didn’t have an appointment so I had no idea what this was about.

When I arrived and sat down, my counselor cut to the case, explaining concerns from other students regarding my eating disorder.

Eating disorder?

It must have seemed believable because of my build. I was extremely tall, and “blessed” with an extremely fast metabolism. To people who didn’t know me, they may have assumed I didn’t eat, or didn’t keep down what I ate. To my friends, I loved food as much as anyone else. But I was self-conscious about my weight.

As I’ve grown older, wiser and yes, much heavier, I’ve realized that all of the bullies don’t get left behind in middle school. Unfortunately some people keep that judgemental mentality. Whether they’re judging someone else’s’ appearance, lifestyle or actions.

I never want to cause the heartache I caused my teacher in middle school, nor do I want my children to experience the humiliation bullies can cause.

We have frequent discussions and “what if” games about accepting others, and we spend time reading a books about other cultures and countries. I hope my kids grow up to be brave enough to stand up for the people who are picked on or reach out to those sitting alone.

Our differences are what makes the world so a remarkable and beautiful. If we all work together to eliminate the judgments and negative attitudes towards those who are different than us, and influence positivity in our kids, we’ll make great strides in making the world a more beautiful and accepting place.

The Judgement-Free Generation® at Planet Fitness initiative hopes to educate and give back to local communities, committing $1.3 million in grants and donations to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and STOMP Out Bullying to fund this initiative. We are passionate about building a more accepting world and telling children You Belong®”, which is why we partnered with Planet Fitness and their Planet of Triumphs® on this post.

“Learn three facts at the Utah Capitol and then you can get it.” My daughter was asking for a stuffed blue bird toy at the visitor’s center. We had a photo shoot planned, but in my attempt to be a good homeschooler, I wanted to try to make the experience educational too. We’ve been on… read the rest.

I’m still on cloud 9 after my Moana press trip and if you can believe it, there’s more! One of my bucket-list items that I haven’t told you about was meeting iconic directors John Clements and Ron Musker. I’ve talked a little about their interviews in my other posts but I’ve dive more into that soon…. read the rest.

In the last few weeks I’ve deleted about 200GB of photos from my 1TB hard drive. Why? Well, a few reasons. For one, though I pride myself in my photo organization and backups, I can do better. I ordered a new Macbook Pro and since it wasn’t arriving for a couple of weeks I’ve tasked myself… read the rest.

So we gave in to the elf on the shelf, here's why...

Why? Why why WHY? I’ve been asking that question for years when I see people post pictures on Facebook of a creepy-looking elf getting into some mischief before their kids wake up. I know some kids dig it. I knew my daughter probably would. But I didn’t know why people would go through so much… read the rest.

“This is my favorite time of year!” My daughter told me as we began unboxing our holiday decorations. My husband pulled down the tree and ornaments from the attic. “Is it your favorite time?” She does this a lot lately. She’ll tell me her favorite something then ask me if it’s also my favorite something…. read the rest.

Confession: I didn’t know who Lin-Manuel Miranda was until a little more than a month ago. I guess you could say I was living under a rock–Or just am not a huge Broadway fan. But you know what I am? A Disney fan. So when I read that the talented man who did the music… read the rest.

Exclusive interview with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson about Moana and how his Polynesian culture was represented by Disney.

When I shared the list of people I’d be interviewing during the the Moana press junket half of my friends seemed to be most excited about our interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the other half was most excited about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Being the nerd I am, I was most excited about meeting directors… read the rest.

Santa and kids photoshoot gift guide for meaningful gifts

Every year I seem to go a little above and beyond when it comes to Christmas gifts for my kids. This year I’ve been debating quantity versus quality and what they want versus what they need. I think I’ve come up with a good way to get a well-rounded selection of gifts that is more… read the rest.

A 6-year-old Moana review and a 3-year-old Moana review. Is Moana scary? Read this before you head to the theater!

“Are you guys like those dorks who dress up to go see the new Star Wars movie?” My husband asked as my daughter and I got dressed to go see Moana. “Yes, yes we are,” I said without an ounce of shame. Despite last night being the THIRD time I’ve seen this movie (once at… read the rest.

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